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Our cans may look different at your favorite store. Some are white and some are silver.

We have already received calls from customers wondering why the change. As more cans hit the shelves, we wanted to let all of our customers know why there is a change in our cans. 

Answer: There is a nation-wide shortage on cans in the marketplace. We are unable to get our allocated cans from Crown which have been on order for months. In order to continue to can our beer and supply our customers, we had to switch to a silver can with sticker labels. This is a temporary fix to an enormous issue that we are facing at the moment. Due to Johnny B’s plan of attack and pulling strings, we were lucky to be able to get an emergency shipment of silver cans. However, there is also limited inventory on the silver cans. We are doing everything we can to acquire cans. This is our highest priority. 

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to: